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Restaurants Department

C-House Milano

It is one of the oldest and best brands operating in the hospitality industry (cafes and restaurants in Italy and the world). Once you visit one of the branches of C HOUSE CAFE, you will enjoy a unique experience, and an atmosphere that helps to relax and enjoy every moment. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with family and friends, our menu is rich and varied, and manufactured to the highest international standards, using the finest food ingredients

LA Nazionale

La Nazionale is one of the oldest restaurants that adheres to excellent, high-quality Italian ingredients and distinctive settings. Many famous sweet and savory Italian dishes, passed down from generation to generation.

Operational Services

We, in the Arab Palm Company for Ration Services, have a number of objectives and policies that aim at developing and running the ration companies so that they enjoy better work situation and distinguished future. Therefore, we provide a number of Development and training shares for ration companies.