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Catering Department

Hospital Catering

We at Arabian Palm Company providing hospital catering services, as it is an essential part of patient care. We provide a high-quality meal for the patient taking into consideration the vital food nutrients. High-quality diets play a vital role in patient rehabilitation and recovery, and also reduce unnecessary use of nutritional supplements. Hospital catering services must be cost effective and flexible enough to provide a good choice of nutritious meals that can meet patients' dietary requirements and preferences

Companies’ Meals

We, the Arab Palm Company for Ration Services, provide the governmental and private companies with food upon monthly or annual contracts that include variety of food and beverages needed by the companies to be served for their employees.

Special Events And Occasions

Using our magical touches in an amazing and unprecedented way by the hands of the best experts in preparing and serving food , we make your special occasions a unique and luxurious occasion, unlike any other.

Logistic Services

The Arab Palm Company for Ration Services has wide areas where the equipment and tools necessary for catering the mega events are put.

Having fully equipped vehicles to move the equipment and food to the occasion’s place in a way that follows the agreed upon terms and conditions.

Having all kinds of dishes and serving food tools that are made of dierent materials and colors our clients need for their occasions.

Wedding Parties

With our unique modern style in the field of the arts of supplying, serving and preparing food, we make the wedding parties of our clients distinguished, employing all that is new and special. We assure you that meals and desserts are made by the world’s best chefs, and that we have a trained crew ready to serve you quickly and eectively so that you enjoy the hospitality and the real pleasure of trying food with us.

Royal Services

Clients who need special and dierent services will be provided with a distinguished variety of services that will make their guests happy.